My Darkness

I stand here,
surrounded by darkness,
My presence uncertain,
and my existence in question…

I feel the hollowness,
I feel the emptiness,
I’ve been here an eternity…

I wish to escape,
And leave it all behind,
But somehow I can’t,
no matter how hard I try…

Maybe I feel safer here,
In this void of unhappiness,
Where the guilt molds me,
The regrets shape me…

I am too weak right now,
Too weak to break through,
My only protection,
This cocoon…

But a day will come,
When I find strength,
To overcome my darkness,
And emerge unscathed…

That day I wait for…
Wait patiently.
Until it comes,
I let the darkness hold me…


About kaustubhaj

Artist, poet, painter, science geek, writer, amateur photographer, computer geek, tech fanatic, love guru, footballer etc etc. i.e. One Intellectual badass! 3:)

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